Family Scuffle Leads to Arrest of Mother, Son and Girlfriend

In what appears to be a familial ruckus, North Platte Police have arrested a mother, her son and the son’s girlfriend after an early morning scuffle.

Officers with the NPPD responded to the 800 Block of North Bryan at around 6:30 on Thursday morning after dispatchers received a reported assault.

Police contacted Cynthia Catchings, her son Michael Catchings and Michael’s girlfriend Krystien Schutt.  Police say it was quite obvious that the trio had all been drinking and fighting.

As officers investigated, they discovered that Schutt had punched Michael Catchings, which had enraged Cynthia Catchings so she punched Schutt.

Michael Catchings came to the rescue of his girlfriend by putting his mother in a headlock.  Officers learned that somewhere along the line, Cynthia Catchings had also choked her son.

All three were arrested.  Cynthia Catchings was charged with Third Degree Assault for punching Schutt and Felony Assault for choking Michael.  Michael Catchings was charged with Felony Assault-Strangulation for trying to choke out his mom and Schutt was charged with Misdemeanor Simple Assault for striking Michael Catchings.

Officers booked the trio into the Lincoln County Detention Center.

  • http://thenorthplattepost concernedauntie

    lmfao… sounds like they have a drinking problem.

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  • sumting wong here

    duck duck goose? drunken fools

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  • nitemare

    Partying until 6:30am….sounds like more than just booze was apart of this story.

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  • ha

    She should have got a demestic

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  • 10-8clear

    Dont these toolbags work at Caseys on Buffalo n Rodeo Rd ?

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    • grow up please :)

      Why yes they do.

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  • NPgrad89

    The family that drinks together, ends up in the clink together……..

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  • http://thenorthplattepost concernedauntie

    i agree with nitemare obviously there was some drugs or something else involved in this situation…. think think someone should probably check into that

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  • Lolly

    mamma don’t let your babies grow up to be drunks or dealers….its all fine until we cross the line….good grief

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  • WeeTodd

    Jerry!! Jerry!! Jerry!! Jerry!!

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  • RONP

    What do drugs have to do with anything my lord people what is wrong with you? Michaels a spoiled lil boy and idk his troll looking girlfriend but Cindy is an awesome person who would give you the shirt off her back if it was all she had to give, stuff happens people do dumb things but what does drugs have to do with this story

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    • desirae

      I’m with you!^^^^ iv drank all night with out drugs more then one time. It seems to run in the family! Missy Sarah now them! Souns like they all need to stop drinking together or all together

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      • desirae

        She really is a awesome lady really fun to hang out just protecting her boy! I would have punched here too!

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