Lincoln Woman Who Made Son, 11, Shoplift Gets Jail Time


Batrina Perez

A Lincoln woman who ordered her 11-year-old son to steal from a local store has been sentenced to jail.

The incident occurred last October, when employees at SuperSaver in Lincoln watched a young boy fill a cart with groceries and push it out the front door, without paying.

Police say the boy filled his cart with nearly $200 worth of Hot Pockets, shredded cheese, bread, dog treats, soda and toilet paper.

What’s was even more surprising, was the fact that the boy told police his mother had directed him to do it.

According to a police report, store security confronted the boy in the parking lot on October 18.  The boy told security that his mother, Batrina Perez,  had given him a shopping list, then told him to go into the store and steal everything on the list.

The boy stated that his mother was supposed to wait for him in front of a nearby store.

When police contacted Perez the next day, she told them that the boy was lying.  However, a security camera had captured her driving off in her SUV when she saw security officer confront the boy.

She pleaded no contest to negligent child abuse, and on Friday, Lancaster County Judge Gale Pokorny, sentenced her to six months in jail.

The boy was not charged with the crime.

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