Two Washington Boys, 10 and 11, to Stand Trial for Murder Conspiracy

ne-supreme-court-gavel(AP) — A northeast Washington judge has found two boys, ages 10 and 11, competent to stand trial in juvenile court on a murder conspiracy charge.

Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen says the fifth-graders had a handwritten plan listing seven steps leading up to the planned killing of a female classmate. That list was submitted as evidence at their mental capacity hearing Friday.

A county judge ruled that the boys understood the nature and consequences of their actions. They pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, witness tampering and juvenile possession of a firearm.

The boys were arrested Feb. 7 at Fort Colville Elementary School after a fourth-grader saw one playing with a knife on a school bus and told a school employee. A backpack search also turned up a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol and ammunition.

The boys are being held on $100,000 bond each. Both a defense psychiatrist and a state psychologist say they present a danger to the community.

  • Dude

    If they’re old enough to know right from wrong, they’re old enough to be charged and sentenced as adults.

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  • Susan

    How is this possible? They aren’t old enough to consent to much of anything, legally. I bet this gets plead down a bunch. These little children need some serious help.

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  • Citizen Kane

    Obviously they are in need of being locked up and taken out of the community. what are there parents teaching them? not much i bet.

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