Wisconsin Man Who Stabbed His Three Daughters Pleads Insanity

Aaron Schaffhausen

Aaron Schaffhausen

A Wisconsin man has admitted slashing his three daughters to death. Now, a jury will decide whether they believe his claim that he was insane when he did it.

Aaron Schaffhausen goes on trial Monday in St. Croix County, just east of Minneapolis. Schaffhausen last week admitted cutting the throats of his daughters — 11-year-old Amara, 8-year-old Sophie and 5-year-old Cecilia — last July in their River Falls home.

Prosecutors say Schaffhausen was bitter over his divorce from his ex-wife, Jessica, and angry because he thought she had begun seeing another man. A criminal complaint says he called his ex-wife the day the girls were slain and told her: “You can come home now because I killed the kids.”

Schaffhausen’s attorney says his client has a “major depressive order.”


  • Huskerlover

    I have young kids-like most people I sometimes get grouchy with them- but also like most people I love them to death and feel blessed to have them. This geek above needs fed to the hogs. Killing your children is never a option . What should happen is they should pull him from his cell and cut him somewhere so the pigs can smell blood and throw him in. ( as we all know- there should be a pin of hogs out back of every courtroom )- maybe then he will feel some of the terror his daughters did as ” daddy ” was getting ready to put a knife in them- as far as insane- he was functioning fine before it happened – ahhhh heck already – no more to be said- feed him to the pigs

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