Gun-Rights Groups Sue Nebraska Over Conceal and Carry Law

NFOATwo gun-rights groups are suing to force Nebraska to change a state law that bars legal immigrants from obtaining permits to carry concealed weapons.

The Second Amendment Foundation and the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association have sued Nebraska officials on behalf of Carlos Nino De Rivera Lajous, a 68-year-old Mexican man who has been legally living in Lincoln since 1990. The lawsuit says the state’s denial of a concealed-carry permit to Lajous violates federal constitutional rights to equal protection and to bear arms.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in Lincoln’s federal court, is seeking an injunction to keep the part of the law requiring U.S. citizenship for a concealed-carry permit from being enforced.

On Saturday, a federal judge in New Mexico issued a temporary injunction to stop a similar practice there.

  • http://windows Hashime

    As a gun owner I have to disagree with this lawsuit. If you are not a U.S. citizen I feel you do not have the right to obtain a CCP. After all, do we want Obama`s muslin friends carrying a concealed gun around? I think not!

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    • lol

      Muslin is a type of fabric.

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  • http://www.northplattepost.con country girl

    does this saying apply to you? stupid is as stupid does!

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  • Susan

    There is no federal law banning him from owning a firearm. He is here legally and should have the right to carry concealed just like I do.

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  • rowdy1

    Just because he is a legal immigrant, it says nothing about him being a citizen or being able to speak English. Both should be required to even get a permit to own a gun. A while back there was a male immigrant who was to get his citizeship. He had been in the country for over 30 years. He still required a translator.

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    • c’mon man

      Yes. That is bull. I do not believe we should have to learn foreign languages. If you live in the US-You should at least know basic enlish.

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      • lol

        lmfao! English! You can’t spell it but expect them to?

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        • rowdy1

          you must be the resident proofreader. I didn’t notice either mistake.

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