April 10 – 14

April 10

1871 — Acting Gov. William James issued a proclamation calling for the organization of Webster County.

1872 — The state celebrated the first Arbor Day to encourage tree planting.

April 11

1967 — Members of the Benson High School Youth for Christ Club in Omaha chased a greased pig during an evening of activities celebrating the centennial year for Nebraska statehood.

April 12

1954 — U.S. Sen. Dwight Griswold died. Eve Bowring was named to replace him.

1866 — Nebraska Territory Republicans met in Plattsmouth and nominated David Butler of Pawnee City for governor on a pro-statehood platform.

April 13

1881 — The Army abandoned Fort Hartsuff.

1873 — An Easter snowstorm struck the state. Near Loup City and what is now called Dead Horse Creek, 25 horses and four mules suffocated under the deep snow.

1937 — The Omaha police commissioner introduced a traffic ordinance setting out new hand signals for drivers. The old law said the signal for a right turn was to extend the hand and rotate it clockwise. The new law called for extending the hand and arm upward.

April 14

1967 — A tiger bit a chunk out of the finger of its handler, who was showing the animal’s teeth to a spectator at the Shrine Circus in Omaha.