Nebraska Furniture Mart will Allow Shoppers to Carry Concealed Weapons with Proper Permit

NE-Furniture-MartOne of the biggest retailers in Omaha, the Nebraska Furniture Mart, is changing its policy to allow shoppers to carry concealed weapons as long as they the proper permit.

The Nebraska Furniture Mart also plans to begin arming some of its security guards with handguns after they are trained to handle them.

The store’s loss prevention manager Jim Cahill says there have been incidents where a shoplifter pulled a knife on employees, and the store wants to be able to protect staff and customers.

The Nebraska Furniture Mart is owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Similar policies will be used at the company’s existing store in Kansas City and its store under construction in the Dallas area.

  • jean hinde

    Good for you! Given the past incidents in Omaha and throughout the US, I’m glad to see a big retailer taking a proactive stance to protect their employees and customers.

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  • Chuck Matson

    A lot of hard work by the NFOA goes into supporting, defending and securing our second amendment rights. If a business has a no carry sign, it is their right to prevent carry of firearms. It is our right to refuse to do business with them. Thank you Nebraska Furniture Mart!

    Current score: 1