Three Teen Boys Arrested for Sexual Battery After Girl Hangs Herself

Santa-Clara-County-SheriffA Northern California sheriff’s office has arrested three 16-year-old boys on accusations that they sexually battered a 15-year-old girl who hanged herself eight days after the attack last fall.

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Jose Cardoza says the teens were arrested Thursday, two at Saratoga High School and a third at Christopher High School in Gilroy.

The victim’s family attorney Robert Allard says students shared photos of the attack on cellphones. He says the alleged victim, Audrey Pott, posted on Facebook that her life was “ruined” and that she was going through her “worst day ever” shortly before she committed suicide.

The family isn’t making statements to the media and has requested privacy until a planned news conference Tuesday.

  • Dee Dee Janssen

    My thoughts and prayers go out to that girls family, and here are some additional thoughts. Where are the teenagers parents these days? This is the second “reported” incident of this nature. Teenagers drinking and getting into this type of situation and where were these girls friends to look out for here and where are these boys morals. They think its neat to take complete advantage of a defenseless girl. How would they feel if that were their sister or girlfriend??? Societies values are going down the drain and quickly. Makes me sick to my stomach and now that girls family is paying for the boys actions, they no longer have their beautiful daughter. Huge price for them to have to pay for a few guys getting off on rape!

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  • Uhmwhat?

    This type of thing has got to stop! What is wrong with our children? Parents you have to teach you girls to be safe! You have to teach your boys to be decent! All of these families have now lost their children! Take the time to teach! Be good parents!

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