Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church’s Facebook Page After Threats to Picket Boston Bombing Victim’s Funerals

anonymousThe Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), who gained fame for picketing the funerals of American soldiers, is at it again, making a public announcement that they plan to picket the funerals of the Boston Marathon victims.

The WBC recently distributed a flier claiming that God was responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing because Massachusetts was the first State to legalize same-sex marriage.

See the flier here:

But hacker group Anonymous took issue with the announcement and hacked the groups Facebook page, rewriting Bio information and filling its wall with anti-WBC posts.

The hacktivist group issued a warning via Twitter, telling the WBC that if they tried anything in Boston, they would feel the full fury of the online community.

This isn’t the first time Anonymous has launched an attack against the WBC.

Anonymous launched a full-fledged attack on the WBC after the group threatened to picket the funerals of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting victims, by posting WBC members personal information online, overtaking the group’s website and hacking the Twitter account of one of the WBC’s representatives.


  • Jordan

    I am not one to back illegal activities such as hacking, BUT in THIS case, I am VERY glad that this group is being targeted this way!!

    Current score: 17
  • RONP

    Those people (wbc) are EVIL! To say those things, to do what they do in”Gods” name is wrong and I hope they all rot!

    Current score: 8
  • Anonymous

    tH4Nx 4 y0ur $upp0rt of An0nymouz h4xoR$

    Current score: 2
  • Mmmmmmmmk

    That’s hilarious. Keep screwing with those psychotic losers!!! Post ALL their info, banking, personal and everything else. Shut them down!
    F U – WBC!!!

    Current score: 4
  • PB

    While, I hate the things Westboro does, I believe we the CVitizens of America should defend their right to do them. It is called free speech and when we take theirs, ours will soon follow. Anonymous is much like Westboro they attack anyone they do not like or agree with, Anonymous is a bunch of thugs behind keyboards. They are just as bad in my opinion. Let me restate before the hate comes my way. I despise WBC and will tell you they pervert and twist the Word of God to their own destruction.

    Current score: 1
    • Susan

      Sadly, any service member that has died in combat, fought for their right to free speech. I makes me physically ill to think they picket the funerals of those that fought for them.

      Current score: 7
  • oldman3066

    I’m sorry to say PB, but Westboro doesn’t deserve the right to free speech even thou the United States Supreme Court says otherwise. When they put the United States of America’s flag (that I served to protect along with our rights) down on the ground and walked on it and got away with it, they became haters of America. To say they even talk for God is blasphamy according to the bible. I for one will not defend Westboro, but I WILL defend the FLAG of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and all of OUR RIGHTS guarenteed to us by THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION!!!!!!

    Current score: 7
    • PB

      Very interesting indeed. You say you will defend our rights guaranteed by the constituiton at the same time you say you will not defend Westboro’s rights under that same constitution, I believe this is called duplicity.Do you believe Westboro doesn’t deserve their rights? If so who made you the supreme ruler of America to take them away? We must be careful of the slippery slope this can create. I detest Westboro and their false cultic religion. They pervert and twist the Bible in unseamly ways, but as an American who also served, I will defend their right to do so and to picket and say the vile things they do. As for the flag there are many sincere Christians who love America but cannot pledge their allegiance to the flag or see it as anything more than a symbol of our Country. We believe to do so would be to violate God’s word of no other gods.

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      • Jordan

        Since when should the law of men supersede basic God-given humanity?

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  • Jordan

    *supercede *…..

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