NE Convicted Felon Accused of Poaching Deer

Ward Hunnel

Ward Hunnel

A southeastern Nebraska man, a convicted felon, is accused of hunting deer without a license  has been charged in a five-count federal indictment.

The indictment announced Wednesday says 44-year-old Ward Hunnel, of York, did not have a license to hunt deer in November 2011 when killed two deer in Nebraska. The indictment also accuses Hunnel of taking the deer from Nebraska to Kansas and of being a felon in possession of firearms.

If convicted of all the counts, Hunnel could face up to 27 years in federal prison.

  • http://northplattepost Mr. Bojangles

    this dude is as dumb as dirt !!!! they need to lock this POS up and throw away the key !!

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  • Russ L. Simmons

    I think its a bit much: 27 years for killing 2 deer. I can understand Felon in possession of a firearm, but hunting without a license is a fine; a hefty one at that, but shouldn’t mean jail time. Were these 2 deer he shot happen to actually be human beings? Hes facing the kind of time a murderer would; and last I checked deer don’t have “Inalienable Rights”. Not defending the man, but the punishment should fit the crime…

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    • Mary

      This is not his first game and fish violation. He’s a hibitual criminal for those that don’t know anything about him. He believes he can do what he wants and not face consequences for his actions

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  • Western Copper

    Russ, this is what the media does. That number is if he gets the max for ever charge and each crime runs consecutively. That won’t happen, it never does. Chances are a couple changes will be dropped, and some will run concurrently. In reality he’s probably looking at 3-5 years.

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