Denver Police ID Suspect in 4/20 Celebration Shooting

420-shooterDenver police have pointed to a YouTube video they say shows a possible suspect in the weekend shooting at a marijuana celebration that injured two people and scattered a crowd of thousands.

The shooting on Saturday took place during the outdoor celebration of the first 4/20 counterculture holiday since Colorado legalized marijuana. Witnesses said as many as 10 shots could be heard at about 5 p.m. Denver police spent much of Sunday scanning video taken at the event.

Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said that the suspect is shown in the video walking in a crowd moving away from the scene of the shooting as sirens wail in the background.

He says the suspect is a black male who was wearing a brown and white checkered shirt.

  • http://windows7 Hsiato

    Now, how could that have happened? Colo passed a whole mess of gun laws that prevented that type of behavior. Could it possibly be that gun laws do not stop bad people? What!!!! Bad people do not obey laws???

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    Its “Puff, Puff….Pass,” dude.
    Not “Bang, Bang….dash.”

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