FBI Disputes Claim Made by Bombing Suspects Mother

bombing-brothersThe FBI is disputing a claim by the mother of the suspected Boston bombers, who said the bureau had spoken to the older brother after the bombs exploded at last Monday’s marathon.

At FBI headquarters in Washington, spokesman Michael Kortan says the bureau’s 2011 interview with Tamerlan Tsarnaev (tsahr-NEYE’-ehv) was the only FBI contact with him.

Kortan is standing by the bureau’s public statement from Friday in which the bureau described that interview. That statement says the FBI did not learn of the identities of the bombing suspects, Tamerlan and his brother, Dzhokhar (joh-KHAR’), until Friday, the day Tamerlan was killed.

The brothers’ parents in Russia have insisted that the FBI continued to monitor Tamerlan after the 2011 interview and say both of their sons were set up.

  • PB

    Sometimes momma knows best! There are still FAR TOO MANY questions about this case. What role did the Paramilitary group “Craft” have at the marathon? Why were they there? Where were their backpacks after the bombing? Whay do the pictures match their black backpacks with square white dots better than the suspects white and black backpacks? Far too many questions. I believe it is another flase flag to have a practice run Marshall Law exercise to practice ilegal searches and remove more of our freedoms.

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  • chris

    i agree w/ pb, we no longer have rights, homeland security can come in lock you up w/o reason , no trial,etc sounds like something that happened in another country in the 40’s, and what a perfect time for this to happen w/ gun bills on the table, but frankly i’m tired of hearing this crap about the bombing, i think 17 people died in texas, didn’t get any where near the press coverage

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    • PB

      @ cris that terrible tragedy does not fit their agenda, so NO reason to report! We also are hearing more about the 4/20 shooting in Denver, because that does fit. One of the first Police responses was they did not search bags and people and maybe they should from now on. People need to wake up to what is happening. Sadly most are asleep or sheeple who blindly follow the leaders. I for one refuse to do that!

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