12 Businesses Cited during Buffalo-Sherman County Compliance Checks

state-patrol-logoThe Nebraska State Patrol (NSP), in conjunction with the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office and the Kearney Police Department conducted compliance checks at 86 alcohol retail outlets in Buffalo and Sherman Counties.

During the compliance checks conducted on Friday, April, 19, a total of 12 businesses were found to be non-compliant after selling alcohol to minors. All 12 of the non-compliant businesses were in Buffalo County. The retail outlets checked during the collaborative effort included convenience, liquor and grocery stores as well as restaurants and bars.

Compliance checks are conducted to help communities determine the extent of the problem of alcohol sales as a source of youth access to alcohol. Local law enforcement conducts compliance checks to ensure that businesses are in compliance with the state’s youth alcohol laws.

The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety (NOHS), provided $2,310 in grant funds to assist with the enforcement effort