Grand Island Man Arrested for Killing Dog with Hammer

grand-island-policeA 26-year-old Grand Island man has been arrested, accused of killing a dog.

Michael Berst was arrested on Sunday.

Grand Island Police Sgt. Jim Duering stated that investigators believe Berst used a hammer to bludgeon to death the family dog.

Duering didn’t have any information on what led up to the incident. He says it occurred several days before Berst’s arrest.

Hall County jail records say Berst remained in custody on Monday. Online court records don’t list the name of his attorney.

  • bob

    Time to call for an executive order to ban all hammers and anything that resembles a hammer! Remember bad people will use whatever they have to do bad things. Don’t demonize a item just because a bad person commits a crime with it!

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    • PB

      @ bob you are making too much sense, according to our current administration you must have a mental defect. Anyone with common sense and a belief in the Constitution will soon be labeled as mentally deficent. They will also label us “Bible thumpers” the same way.

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  • yikes

    I agree with bob! Everything that could possibly used to commit crimes or otherwise harm yourself our others should be legal and unregulated.

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