NE Man Gets Jail and Probation for Vehicular Homicide

Posted 2 years ago

By Scott Carlson

jailA 30-year-old man has been given four years of probation and 128 days in jail for causing a fatal crash north of Columbus last year.

Brian Browning, formerly of Humphrey, was sentenced last week. Browning had pleaded guilty in February to vehicular homicide.

Authorities say Browning was speeding and driving recklessly on July 21, 2012, when he lost control of his pickup and it rolled. Browning, Toni Krumland and another passenger were ejected. The 20-year-old Krumland, of Columbus, died days later. She’d been flown to an Omaha hospital for treatment.

The judge said Browning immediately must serve 100 days in jail, then seven days a year while on probation. That jail time is to begin on July 21 in each of those four years.