Mormon Bishop Uses Samurai Sword to Rescue Woman

samuraiA Samurai sword-wielding Mormon bishop, in Salt Lake City, came to the aid of a woman who was being attacked in front of his house.

The 47-year-old Kent Hendrix woke up Tuesday to his teenage son pounding on his bedroom door and telling him somebody was being mugged. Hendrix grabbed a 29-inch Samurai sword and rushed out the door.

Hendrix says the man attacking a woman jumped back and ran down the street after he drew the sword. He and others chased the man until he jumped in his car and drove away.

Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal says the suspect, 37-year-old Grant Eggersten, turned himself in later in the day and was booked on multiple charges.

The victim, a 35-year-old woman, had minor injuries. She had a stalking injunction against the suspect.

  • Susan

    Glad that someone got involved to assist her. Sadly, there are many places that the situation would have been ignored.

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  • meanoldwoman

    thoes stalking injunctions really work well don’t they, I find it truly amazing how much protection you can get from a piece of paper.

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