Fired Omaha PD Officers Fight for Their Jobs

omaha-policeTwo Omaha police officers fired in an excessive force investigation have filed notices of appeal, indicating they intend to fight to get their jobs back.

Omaha police said Tuesday that the city’s human resources department upheld the firings. Those fired who filed notices of appeal are former officers Bradley Canterbury and Justin Reeve. The Omaha World-Herald says the others fired were former Officer James Kinsella and Sgt. Aaron Von Behren.

Police Chief Todd Schmaderer (SHMAH-dur) fired the officers earlier this month after a March 21 incident involving police was secretly recorded. The video showed an officer grabbing 28-year-old Octavius Johnson from behind, violently throwing him to the ground and punching him while he was restrained. Other officers were seen chasing Johnson’s brother, who was recording the arrest, into his house.

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