Illegal Firearm Possession Lands Montana Man in the Lincoln County Jail

Donald Stalkfleet

Donald Stalkfleet

A Montana man found himself behind bars in Lincoln County following a traffic stop.

At around 2:30 am on Wednesday morning, a Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy observed a vehicle speeding on North Jeffers Street in North Platte.

A traffic stop was initiated at the intersection of Highway 30 and Hall School Road. ┬áDeputies made contact with the vehicle’s driver, 58-year-old Don Stalkfleet of Roundup, MT.

Deputies discovered that Stalkfleet was driving on a suspended license, and the vehicle was not registered to him.

Prior to having the vehicle towed, Deputies took inventory of it’s contents and found four long guns in the vehicle.

A check of Stalkfleet’s criminal history showed that he was a convicted felon.

He was arrested for being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm and incarcerated at the Lincoln County Detention Center.

  • PB

    If the vehicle was not his, did he have knowledge of the guns?

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    • Juyst Me

      He was in possesion of the vehicle, therefore responsible for its contents…

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    • Susan

      In his care, custody and control.

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