Nebraska Takes a Stand Against Bullying

bullyStand for the Silent is part of a statewide movement that began in 2012 in which youth and adults stand together against bullying. Bullying has been a continuous and fearful problem that has taken over many youth’s lives and Stand for the Silent is a day where the state can come together and bring awareness to the issue. More than 50,000 youth will participate on April 26 in communities across Nebraska.

“As an advocate for mental wellness, I have seen how much bullying has affected our schools, families, and our society in general. Bullying has become the cause of self-inflicted harm and worse, teen suicide. It’s time for all of us to take a stand to stop bullying,” said Senator Amanda McGill.

Glow sticks and pledge cards have been provided for those who have registered at The glow sticks represent a candle light vigil and are something the youth can take with them to remember the event. The Stand for the Silent pledge will be recited followed by silence for seven seconds (to represent that every seven seconds someone is bullied) in commemoration for those who have been bullied.

This year the event is made possible from these sponsors: ServeNebraska, Mike Smith Live, Oriental Trading, Schaefer’s, State Farm and the University of Nebraska Lincoln Athletic Department.

For more information and how you can get involved, contact Cathy Plager, at 402-471-6226 or

  • Dude

    Nebraska schools need to take bullying more serious. When someone is being bullied, all they do is make the parties go to Conflict Resolution to make them talk about their feelings instead of actually DOING something about it.

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  • Me

    When I was in school punching the bully stopped the bullying. It works.

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  • Controversial

    Bullying is a controversial subject on how it should be handled. The children doing the bullying might have some underlying problems for why they do it to make them feel better and feel like they have some sort of power. I believe its more important to build children’s self esteem and awareness of the matter for ALL children not just by singling out the bullies. Conflict/Resolution is a good thing to teach children I believe because it will help them even into adulthood. Unfortunately I had to learn how to handle being bullied the hard way when I was younger because nothing was done about it by anybody else. I finally just learned to stand up for myself and refused to be a victim anymore and the bullying finally stopped. It’s just so sad though that some kids feel their only choice is to take their lives because of it. I refused to go out like that though I admitt, suicide did come across my mind a time or two. I feel that schools concentrate WAY too much on Academics…….I think just basic Life skills need to be added in somewhere and some sort of classes that help build on children’s self esteem. Yes I know that school’s have school counselors, but sometimes, the kids that hurt the most and are more on the shy side tend to go unnoticed that there are any problems.

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