Colorado Court Rules There is No Employment Protection for Pot Users

Colorado-MarijuanaThe Colorado Court of Appeals has ruled that there is no employment protection for people who use marijuana.

In a split decision issued on Thursday, the court said marijuana use is still barred by the federal government, even though state-licensed marijuana use has been approved by voters and is considered lawful.

The ruling comes in a case filed by a quadriplegic man who was fired after he tested positive for marijuana, even though there was no indication he used it while on company property.

Washington state voters also approved recreational pot use last fall.

  • bob

    HAHA! Idiots think they can get wasted and then go to work just because some libtards passed a law. Oh and by the way the effects of marijuana can last for up to 12 hours! Show me where having one beer tonight will effect my work tomorrow. But its so much safer!!

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