Debate on NE Veteran’s License Plate Bill Set to Begin

ne-legislature-13Veterans and active-duty service members would have the option to display their status on Nebraska state identification cards and license plates, under a bill in the Legislature.

Debate could begin Monday on the measure, which combines the ideas of several state lawmakers. The Department of Motor Vehicles would design “Military Honor” license plates by 2015. It also would allow for a special designation on driver’s licenses and state identification cards.

The bill was introduced by Sen. Annette Dubas, chairwoman of the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee.

Dubas has said the bill seeks to honor service members. She says it might also serve as an indicator to law enforcement that a person is suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder.

  • Chuck Matson

    What a bunch of BS!

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  • jim

    there are lots of us veterans that do not suffer from PTSD

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  • notsurprised

    Not all veterans have ptsd.

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