Three Elementary-Age NE Boys Charged with Attempted Sexual Assault

belvedere-elementaryThree elementary-age boys have been charged with attempted sexual assault, with authorities saying the boys pinned down a classmate on the school playground and tried to remove her clothes.

Authorities say the boys and the victim were all 8 years old when the assault happened in February at Omaha’s Belvedere Elementary School. An attorney for the girl’s family, Brian Jorde, says a group of other third-graders rescued the girl, whose nose was bloodied in the assault, from her attackers.

The girl’s parents say they weren’t contacted about the assault until hours after it had happened, and that the school did not call police. The girl’s mother called police the evening of the attack.

School officials did not immediately return messages Friday. The girl has transferred to another school.

  • Dude

    8 years old is old enough to know right from wrong. Charge them as adults!

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    • heather

      kids at that age doesnt know things like that maybe they sould find out who showed them or mybe it happened to they

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  • Work at Home Mom

    Are you kidding me ? The school did not contact police and an assault was commited? There better be some serious firing going on! That is B>S>

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  • Uhmwhat??

    This happens all the time!! Parents need to be more aware of what goes on at school and what they do not!! tell you.

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  • Jennifer Drake

    I know several 7 to 8 yro boys and not one of them would ever dream of doing something like this on their own. Someone told them or showed them how to do this. Find out where they got the idea from and charge them with 4 counts of assualt. Yes the boys need to be taught this is not right but they are to young to understand what they did wrong on their own.

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