Entertainment History April 29th

On April 29th, 1962, Jerry Lee Lewis returned to performing in Britain — and was a success. Four years earlier he was hounded out of the country as news broke that he married his 13-year-old cousin.

In 1967, Aretha Franklin released the single “Respect.”

In 1970, George Harrison announced plans to begin recording his first solo project following the breakup of The Beatles. At the time, he said the band eventually would reunite.

In 1976, security guards removed Bruce Springsteen from the grounds of Graceland. Springsteen was in Memphis on tour at the time and wanted to visit Elvis.

In 1990, 13 people were hospitalized after thousands of fans tried to get into a sold-out New Kids On the Block concert in Brighton, England.

In 1992, singer Paula Abdul and actor Emilio Estevez were married in a judge’s chambers in Santa Monica, California. They have since split up.

In 1993, Smashing Pumpkins released their “Siamese Dream” album.