False Alarm at UPRR Causes Scare

Union-PacificA false alarm sparked fear of a possible chemical spill in Union Pacific’s Bailey Yards in North Platte on Monday.

Sirens sounded and text messages were sent after an employee overreacted.

Union Pacific spokesman Mark Davis said the employee overreacted when they saw some kind of discharge coming from a tank car.  However, it was discovered that the tank car was in a routine venting process.

Employees and residents are on high alert after a tank car filled with chlorine derailed just east of Bailey Yards last Monday.

  • http://bing KEG12

    I don’t get why there saying the employee overreacted sounds like the employee did exactly what he/she should have done if they thought for even a second that ANYONE! WAS IN DANGER

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    And just an FYI .Tuesday in Bailey Yards they will be unloading the chlorine car that tipped on its side into another tank car.This is not an everyday procedure so God only knows what will happen Tuesday

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  • johanvonmiggleschmidt

    I just love the way this has been downplayed in the papers…y wasn’t the public notified chlorine gas is dangerous and not just “lethal in extreme cases”*. look up its effectiveness during ww1. it is one of the first chemical warfare agent used** the public SHOULD have been alerted…

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