Sutherland Man Arrested for Strangulation

Jeremy Scott Kreiling: Simple Assault-Domestic, Assault-Strangulation

Jeremy Kreiling

A Sutherland man, who was out on bail, has been arrested and charged with yet another crime.

On Monday, April 29, Deputies with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office responded to the report of a domestic disturbance on West Birdwood Road north of Sutherland.

Upon arrival, Deputies made contact with a female who reported that her husband, 25-year-old Jeremy Kreiling, had assaulted her.

Deputies noticed that the female had difficulty speaking, and at this time, she informed them that Kreiling had strangled her to the point that she became dizzy and disoriented.  She also told Deputies that Kreiling had held up a rifle and made threatening statements.

Deputies made contact with Kreiling who refused to speak with them about the incident.

Kreiling was arrested and charged with Domestic Assault and Felony Strangulation.

Kreiling was out on bond for First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child at the time this crime was committed.

  • meanoldwoman

    he should have been put under the jail for the charge of sexual assault on a child, what kind of idiot would let him out on that? oh let me guess a liberal idiot

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  • Yeeeeeeeeep

    All party lines aside….
    Why the HELL was he out of jail anyway?!?!

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  • meanoldwoman

    Did not know that liberal was a party.

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  • bud

    libertarian party

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  • Maybe he was out on the sexual assault charges because there is absolutely no freaking proof he did it. And in all reality this isn’t the whole story with what happened to his wife either. The post NEVER gets the damn story right.

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