Hershey 6th Graders Celebrate D.A.R.E Graduation

HERSHEY-6TH-GRADERSThe 6th Graders at Hershey Elementary celebrated their D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Graduation on April 30, 2013.   Each class member had to write an essay in relation to what they learned from D.A.R.E and how they would resist peer pressure.  There were three winning essays chosen from each class.  Third place winners included: Autumn Miller and Clayton Glos; 2nd place winners are Kadin Oettinger and Dalton Ebmeier; First place went to Tatum Bagwell and Lanie Allen.  All place winners presented their essays to the crowd of family and friends during the graduation.

“Lets be here in 2019″ Lanie Allen, first place winner, encouraged her classmates.  Allen’s presentation was worthy of a standing ovation; Todd Engleman, Guest Speaker remarked “that will be hard to follow up” when he took the stage after Allen.   Engleman encouraged the students to resist the pressure of bath salts and prescription medications along with marijuana, alcohol and tobacco.   Engleman spoke to the parents reminding them to be vigilant as their kids “are not facing the same things that we did when were were younger.”

D.A.R.E. Instructor Corporal Larry Meyer and the Hershey Sixth Grade teachers, Miss Holton and Miss Kuhl presented each participant with a certificate of completion.  Corporal Meyer, with his guitar in hand, then treated the students to his musical talents.
Special thanks was given to the Hershey Public School Board Administration, Superintendent Dr. Cunnings, Elementary Principal Mr. Calahan and all the parents.  Special guests included Todd Engleman and Chief Deputy Roland Kramer.
Pictured: L to Right:  Miss Kuhl, Autumn Miller, Dalton Ebmeier, Tatum Bagwell, Corporal Meyer,  Lanie Allen, Clayton Glos, Kadin Oettinger, Miss Holton