NE Hospital Vaccination Bills Clear Final Vote

vaccinationsNebraska lawmakers have passed a bill that would require many hospitals and nursing facilities to offer vaccinations to patients before they’re discharged.

Patients wouldn’t have to accept the vaccinations, and many hospitals already offer them. But Sen. Bob Krist of Omaha says the measure is intended to minimize future outbreaks of whooping cough. The number of cases in Iowa and Nebraska surged last year.

Lawmakers gave final approval to the bill on Wednesday, 44-0. It would apply to vaccines for tetanus, whooping cough and diphtheria.

The vaccines could be covered by Medicaid, Medicare, private payers or insurance.

Another bill would that won final approval would require hospitals to offer vaccinations to employees, and keep records of which workers have not received them.

  • PB

    People wake-up and realize how dangerous immunizatrions are. We have more cases of autism than any other country besides Japan and they alone give more immunizations than we do. There is a link go find the Video entitled “Shots in the Dark” on Youtube it will make you angry and make you think!

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  • Jordan

    Immunizations do NOT cause autism! Do the research!

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