CO Teacher Accused of Taping Students’ Mouths Shut

child-abuseA Denver area second-grade teacher is accused of taping her students’ mouths shut when they wouldn’t be quiet.

The incident happened Thursday at Fulton Academy, a charter school in the suburb of Aurora. Police are investigating and the unidentified teacher is on paid administrative leave.

One parent said all 28 kids in the class may have been affected.

The teacher did not return a phone call seeking comment

  • http://windows7 Hsiato

    Maybe, the teacher was right in doing this. Sometimes the parents do not discipline their kids and some one has to do it. The teacher deserves a medal instead of being punished. I feel most of the teachers put up with much more than they need to.

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  • Really???

    They are still a corporate punishment state too! Dont know how many schools use it but they can still spank and punish your child. But not sure if Colorado is the same as down south but all they needed was a note saying they could from parents. And i agree with Hsiato, maybe we would have a little bit of respect out of our spoiled children.

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  • JFranklynN

    All the kids were affected?!? Good maybe those kids will see and not do what that kid did

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