19-Year-Old Grant Woman Charged with Vehicular Homicide

Casey Lake

Casey Lake

March 16, 2013 marks the tragic day that 19-year-old Emma Redinger lost her life as the result of a traffic accident.

Now the driver of the vehicle, 19-year-old Casey Lake of Grant, is charged with Vehicular Homicide.

The two teens were traveling on Interstate 80, when Lake lost control of the vehicle which rolled several times.

Redinger, the sole passenger in the vehicle, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Lake was also seriously injured.

The Nebraska State Patrol report states that Redinger was wearing her seatbelt, but it was not being worn properly.  The report says Lake was not wearing her seatbelt.

Lake’s bail was set at ten percent of $50,000.  She posted bond and was released from custody.

  • YES

    was any booze involved? i thought i heard there was???

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  • ???

    There must be more to the story here. You really can’t be charged with vehicular homicide if she happened to hit ice and the car happened to roll after that (just an example). Was booze involved? Was she purposely driving reckless?

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    • http://northplattepost.com Scott Carlson

      This is information that will come out in court. Right now, all we can report is the facts that we know for sure, following her arraignment. We will continue to follow this story and keep you informed, but at this point any other information would be purely speculation. Stay tuned to the Post!

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      • Jesus is All Right with Me

        Thank you for not being tacky and printing speculation, like some other *news* sources in NP.

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      • ???

        Thanks for the clarification Scott!

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  • whoa

    Wasn’t Micah Koch’s bond way higher? I had heard there was alcohol involved also, but this IS North Platte.

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  • .

    Sadly there was booze involved and they were speeding …sad for both families.

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  • friend

    I do know there was alcohol involved.

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  • Sad!

    Some people just make bad choices…….it doesn’t mean they are bad people! My prayers are still with Casey Lake and her family along with Emma’s through this difficult time! I had a friend that was in that very same situation when she was younger that ended the life of another’s way too soon. The guy that passed away was even wearing his seat belt correctly when they rolled. Now she has to live with that pain and regret the rest of her life. :(

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  • Oh My

    This could happen to you or someone you know. It’s time for people to stop thinking this won’t happen to them. This is another tragic accident for both families. When are people going to start educated themselves about drinking in driving. Anyone who has ever been out drinking is guilty of this. Drink responsibility, find someone to be your designated driver, call a cab, or walk home. How many of these stories do we need to read about before we start making changes in our lives?

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