NP Woman Charged with Witness Tampering After Assisting Inmate

Melissa Eckhoff

Melissa Eckhoff

A North Platte woman is facing a Felony charge after she helped an inmate at the Lincoln County Detention Center contact his wife whom he allegedly assaulted.

On May 8, the North Platte Police Department (NPPD) learned that Melissa Eckhoff had helped Quincy Shugart contact the victim of his crime, his wife.  Shugart is currently incarcerated for Domestic Assault and several other charges.

An investigation revealed that Eckhoff arranged for contact both over the phone, and via email.

On one occasion, Eckhoff allowed the victim to use her cell phone to contact the jail and speak to Shugart, at which time he attempted to convince her to drop the domestic assault charges.

The victim had blocked Shugart’s ability to contact her directly from the jail, which is why Eckhoff’s assistance was needed.

NPPD Officers contacted Eckhoff and charged her with Aiding and Abetting Tampering with a Witness, a Class IV felony.

The Lincoln County Attorney’s Office also filed Witness Tampering charges against Shugart.


  • raven

    Come on Melissa, you should know better than this..where’s the Eckhoff I knew back in 98-99? Pull your head out of your ass and start thinkin

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  • JJ

    Wheres her kids through all this? Get help those kids deserve a better life than that!

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    • unknown

      No one has to worry about those kids they are in good hands with their dad! Argeed get your heads out of your ass! You and your kids deserve better.

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  • NPgrad89

    “On one occasion, Eckhoff allowed the victim to use her cell phone to contact the jail and speak to Shugart.”
    Shouldn’t the ‘victim’ in this also be held accountable for her part in the contact? Why was she calling the jail to speak to him after blocking his ability to contact her? I am not excusing Eckhoff’s actions, but it sounds like the wife wasn’t an unwilling reciepient of the contact.

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