NP Man Who Owned Maggot Infested Dog Fined

Phillip Moreno

Phillip Moreno

(AP) — A 47-year-old North Platte man whose dog was infested with maggots has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor animal abuse.

Phillip Moreno made a plea agreement with prosecutors, who lowered the felony charge of abandoning or cruelly neglecting the animal.

Moreno made his plea in Lincoln County District Court on Tuesday and was fined $500.

Two women had told authorities the dog had masking tape around its midsection and was filthy when the women found it last summer. The women say they took the dog to a veterinarian, who discovered a maggot-infested wound beneath the tape.

Officials say the maggots had spread to the dog’s internal organs, so it was euthanized.

  • concernedauntie

    How can anyone treat any animal badly…. Wow i cant even imagine abusing my dogs…. He definately doesnt deserve a dog…. If your gonna have a pet take care of it, if your dog is getting maggots then obviously you don’t know how to care for an animal or you can’t afford the money for the vet…. SIMPLY JUST DONT HAVE ONE!!!!

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  • Disgusted

    This punishment definitely does NOT fit the crime. What a disgusting excuse for a human. Will he be able to own pets in the future? What is to stop him from doing something so inhumane again? His disregard for his dog’s suffering is astonishing.

    Current score: 18
  • NP losers

    This is not punishment enough for this piece of human fecal waste! His dog suffered, he should get more than a 500 dollar fine! That is ludicrous!! Another prime example of the ridiculous judicial system that we have the displeasure of witnessing in grand old North Platte. What a crying shame.

    Current score: 12
    • Bob

      I believe its to be fair to one another regardless of such differences in humanity. If one like this guy allows for maggots to infest themselves on and inside a dog, equal punishment should be allowed for such a crime. One should treat another the same way he/she would like to be treated

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  • curious

    He should have a FAR greater fine and most of it should be awarded to the NP Animal Shelter, who works so hard for the neglected animals in our town. Our judicial system fails not only abused women and children, but animals as well. I’d be ashamed to be a judge in this town.

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    • AgentPurple


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  • really

    Vick is thinking of moving to North Platte.

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  • Babygirl

    WTF?????? This sob needs beat! Animals are amazing and should be loved and respected! This pos should be treated the same way he treated this poor sweet dog. He should be inhumanely euthanized! Fckn loser! Karma will get this pos!

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