Omaha Man Sent Back to Prison After 8th DUI

Daniel Cano (Courtesy of NE Department of Corrections)

Daniel Cano
(Courtesy of NE Department of Corrections)

Authorities say that just five days after 37-year-old Daniel Cano left prison after serving time for drunken driving, he was caught driving drunk again.

Daniel Cano was sentenced on Wednesday to seven to 12 more years in prison.

Cano was arrested Jan. 16, after his car narrowly missed a police cruiser while Cano was driving in central Omaha. Authorities say his blood tested out at nearly four times the legal limit.

Cano had left prison on Jan. 11, having completed a sentence for his seventh drunken-driving conviction. It was his third prison stint for drunken driving.

  • angler

    WOW!!! Can you say idiot…

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  • christina

    I know someone who hot that much time on a forth so this guy is lucky. Not that drinking and driving is ok by all means but he got off ready. Luckily he hadn’t taken a life but they don’t get much more time for that either. Ridiculous if you want my opinion. The judicial system is whack.

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  • oldman3066

    Can we say Habitual!!! He has already shown prison isn’t even going to stop him unless he is in prison. Wondering if all the judges here in Nebraska get together for a good ole’ boys club party along with the defending attorney’s to discuss how much time if any the crimanals get.

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  • fnp

    He should know by now that to get out of working,a free lunch, a free place to live, and free health care you don’t need to go to prison……you just need to have Obama for your president.

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