Pot Sale to Undercover NPPD Officer Leads to Charges

Elizabeth Flores

Elizabeth Flores

A couple made the job easy for an undercover North Platte Police Officer, when they offered him weed.

The officer was driving through the Patriot Mobile Park at 2300 E. Philip on Wednesday when he was approached by a male subject who asked the officer if he wanted to buy some marijuana.

Public Information Officer Rodney Brown said in a news release that the officer then drove the male to an unspecified house on West 9th Street.  The officer was then told to wait near the 500 block of Rodeo Road.

A short time later, the male returned to the vehicle with Elizabeth A. Flores, 34, of Grand Island, and a bag of marijuana.

As the officer attempted to take both subjects into custody, they fled on foot.  Police were able to apprehend Flores, who was jailed and charged with being an Accessory to a Felony and Obstruction a Police Officer.

Police say the investigation into the male subject is ongoing, but did not provide any additional information on his identity.