One Navy SEAL Killed, Seven Injured in Ft. Knox Humvee Accident

navyMilitary officials say a Humvee carrying six Navy SEALs and two other sailors overturned during a training exercise at Fort Knox in Kentucky, killing one of the SEALs and injuring the others on board.

Lt. David Lloyd, a spokesman for the Naval Special Warfare Group Two in Virginia Beach, Va., says the Humvee was part of a convoy on the post when it overturned Wednesday night. What caused it to flip remains under investigation.

The Navy says the SEAL who died was Special Warfare Operator Third Class Jonathan H. Kaloust, who was based in Virginia. He was from Massapequa, N.Y.

Lloyd says the seven survivors were treated for minor injuries and released from a hospital.

The sailors had been conducting tactical training, but Lloyd would not release further details about the exercise because it was considered sensitive.

  • Bob

    Talk about a case sensitive issue about Navy Seals, and maybe its my misinterpretation, but if one performing an active duty and aquires the skills of a Navy Seal, then isn’t anything that this particular person does or happens to them permanantly SEALED? Why was it then this person happened to have their loss reported to the general public outside of notifying their family?

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