Maker of ‘Pink Slime’ Continues to Struggle

pink-slime(AP) — The beef-processing company that makes the product that critics call “pink slime” continues to struggle more than a year after the initial stories on the lean bits of beef that Beef Products Inc. produced.

The Dakota Dunes, S.D., based company lost 80 percent of its business after the uproar over what BPI calls lean finely textured beef.

The meat BPI separated from trimmings and treated with ammonia to kill bacteria was widely used in hamburger, but consumers objected to it after media reports depicted it as unsavory.

The private company closed three of its four plants, scrapped expansion plans in South Sioux City and eliminated more than 700 jobs. Those won’t return soon.

  • hmph

    Good. That’s disgusting.

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  • phathiney

    hmph your an ignorant moron. This additive has been in our meat products for years. Most people did not know of it until the news brought it into the lime light. Bussiness closures and huge amount of job loss is a good thing ?

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