North Platte Man Charged with Arson

Carl McKinney

Carl McKinney

A North Platte man is facing arson charges after getting carried away with gasoline.

At around 11:00 p.m., Officers with the North Platte Police Department and firefighters from the North Platte Fire Department responded to the 2000 Block of West 16th on the report of a fire.

Upon arrival, Officers were told that Carl McKinney, 26, had started the fire.

Through an investigation, Officers learned that a fire pit had been burning in the back yard of the residence, when McKinney started spreading gasoline from the pit to other areas, including a neighbors fence line.

The fire caused damage to the residence and a television cable.

Officers determined there was probable cause to arrest McKinney and charge him with 2nd Degree Arson.

He was jailed at the Lincoln County Detention Center.

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