NP Sexual Predator Sentenced to Prison

Donald Warfield

Donald Warfield

An accused sexual predator has been sentenced to five years in prison for sexually assaulting a child.

Donald Warfield, 70, of North Platte was sentenced in Lincoln County District Court on Monday.

Prosecutors say a fifteen-year-old girl reported last year that Warfield began giving her gifts and inappropriately touching her when she was seven-years-old.  She told authorities the sexual assaults gradually became worse and continued for three or four years.

Warfield entered a no-contest plea to the charge.

Last year, Warfield was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender and entered a plea to a reduced misdemeanor charge.

He was convicted in 2002 of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl.

When District Court Judge Richard Birch asked Warfield if he had anything to say, Warfield said “I don’t remember anything happening.  That’s all I can say.”

Warfield was remanded to the Lincoln County Sheriff to await transport to Lincoln.

  • 133×5+1

    Im sure you’ll remember those 5 five years in prison…. They should deport your gnome lookin a$$ back to the garden…. Even though 5 years isnt quite enough…. Couldnt expect much from nps justice system…. its a start….

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  • raven

    Its about time he goes back to the pen..handicapped or not, the sentence should be longer but this is north platte

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  • disgusted

    5 years?!?! This isn’t his first time and he’ll likely do it again. So sick! I’m sure sentencing had something to do with his age but geez! We can’t “take it easy” on people that target and hurt our children.

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