Hershey Man Pleads Not Guilty to Motor Vehicular Homicide


Micah Koch

A 24-year-old Hershey man has pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide and driving while intoxicated in a crash that killed a woman.

Micah Koch entered the plea Monday in Lincoln County District Court.

Authorities say Koch was drunk when he crashed a pickup in January near Sutherland. The crash killed a passenger, 24-year-old Korey Huebner. Koch and another passenger, 28-year-old Jay Shotkoski, of Hershey, were injured.

Koch was ordered Monday to wear an electronic monitor on his ankle. His next court appearance is July 15th.

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  • xyz

    I wasn’t expecting that….

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    • http://roxy@yahoo.com billy

      Oh ya

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  • HereWeGo

    Don’t worry, the family will bail you out again just like with all your past DUIs, MIPs, etc. I think its time Micah gets a lesson scared into him and actually be punished, he obviously hasn’t grown up and learned that drinking and driving is fatal. How far are we going to let this go. If it were anyone else they wouldn’t get special treatment. But bet your ass he’ll have a top of the line lawyer!!

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    • http://roxy@yahoo.com billy

      Go say that to the family face tough person

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  • Crazy

    Maybe you should get the facts right first before you start posting and bashing. Micah has never had a DUI or a MIP. So kind of hard to believe the family has bailed him out so many times, when wait this has never happened before. But it is people like you that start rumors and keep them burning.

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  • upset fan

    You don’t have to live with your best friend being killed.

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  • hmph

    So what, let him go and let his conscience be his punishment? Nope, not that way it works. There are consequences for being drunk and irresponsible.

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  • Npgal

    Drink and drive and kill someone you should go to prison for a few years!!!!

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  • http://drinkingndrivingiswrong connie

    Why are we not asking why were there passengers? As someone who is responsible, I would never get in a car with someone who has been drinking, even if I was drinking. I would call someone to come get me. So the responsibility does not just lay at this mans feet. I will also say I am not from here, and I do not know the families involved. This accident was tragic.

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  • HereWeGo

    I know the facts, and I happen to know the guy that found them. Micah tried talking him into getting him away before the cops came and also tried hiding the fact that korey and jay were even with him. You can’t tell me he wasn’t sound enough to know better!! And I have been living with a friend dying on my shoulders for 3 years, when I should have taken his keys. But if you are going to drive 3 people around, you need to learn when to be able to recognize you should not be driving with their lives in your hands. Grow up, he was old enough to know so he’s old enough for the consequences

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