Happy Birthday Dear Celeb! June 3rd

Movie director Alain Resnais is 91
Game show host Chuck Barris (“The Gong Show”) is 84
Actress Irma P. Hall is 78
Singer Ian Hunter is 74
Singer Eddie Holman is 67
Bassist Too Slim of Riders in the Sky is 65
Singer Suzi Quatro is 63
Singer Deniece Williams is 62
Singer Dan Hill is 59
Actor Scott Valentine (“Family Ties”) is 55
Guitarist Kerry King of Slayer is 49
Singer Mike Gordon of Phish is 48
Newsman Anderson Cooper is 46
Country singer Jamie O’Neal is 45
Singers Ariel and Gabriel Hernandez of No Mercy are 42
Actor Vik Sahay (“Chuck”) is 42
Actress Lalaine Dupree (“Lizzie McGuire”) is 26
Actor Sean Berdy (“Switched at Birth”) is 20.