Entertainment History June 12th

On June 12th, 1957, Jerry Lee Lewis’ single “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” entered the Billboard country and western chart. The next week, the record made its debut on the Billboard pop chart as well.

In 1959, police in New York raided a hospital room where Billie Holiday was being treated for a kidney infection and cirrhosis of the liver. They found an envelope of heroin and charged her with possession.

In 1963, the movie “Cleopatra” made its premiere in New York City. It starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

In 1964, The Zombies held their first recording session.

In 1965, The Rolling Stones released the single “Satisfaction.”

Also in 1965, The Beatles were awarded the M.B.E. — “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.” Some medal holders were so upset by the choice of recipients that they returned theirs.

In 1979, the New Jersey state legislature adopted Bruce Springsteen’s song “Born to Run” as its unofficial Youth Rock Anthem.

In 1982, about one million people rallied for nuclear disarmament in New York. Several celebrities attended, including Linda Ronstadt, Bruce Springsteen and James Taylor.

In 1989, Graceland opened the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum, an exhibit of 20 of Elvis’ cars.

In 1999, actress Courtney Cox married actor David Arquette in San Francisco.

In 2001, a three-mile stretch of Highway 92 in Hiram, Georgia, was renamed “Travis Tritt Highway.”