Fischer Gets Nearly a Year in Jail

Deanna Fischer

Deanna Fischer

A Hershey woman will spend nearly a year in jail for photographing her husband committing sexual assaults on children and failing to report the abuse.

39-year-old Deanna Fischer was sentenced Wednesday in Lincoln County Court to 364 days in jail for Sexual Assault of a Child and Child Abuse.

Fisher was convicted of the crimes in March.

Prosecutors say that in Feburary of 2004, Fisher’s husband Daniel, sexually abused several children. ¬†They claim Fischer took photos of the assaults, and failed to report the abuse or take any steps to stop them.

Court records also say that Fischer inappropriately touched a child in December of 2006.

Daniel Fischer committed suicide while charges were pending against him.

Deanna Fischer must also register as a sex offender for 15 years.


  • workathomemom

    Wow! That’s it? :(

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    • Susan

      She had plea agreements on all of the charges. Unbelievable…..

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    • chris

      that’s total bull, other sex offending do as much as five years, what makes her special!

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  • sicko

    This means she’ll be out in just over 6 months due to the day for day law in jail now after 15 days. Disgusting! She watched little girls being raped and didn’t once step in to protect them. Even if she was scared of him she could have called authority after he left. This went on mulitple times and she feels 0% of guilt for it. Sick woman that shouldn’t be on the streets next to our children.

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  • 133×5+1

    If it aint a meth head its a child molester….. definately north platte material… lets get rid of all of them!!!

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  • hey

    Wow….tell me we dount need change…I could go on but I’m not going to

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  • not_so_shocked


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  • crystal

    she deserves life. idgaf if she wasnt axtually raping these kids. the nasty brawd watched and didnt do a thing !!!

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  • common sense not so common

    I love how she claims to have gotten “hung” with what someone else supposedly did! I wish that was the literal truth and they would hang her.

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  • ralph mouth

    I wish these children’s parents could file a civil lawsuit against her to retain monies for the damages she allowed to happen to them.

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    Our legal system is out of whack. A teenage girl willingly has sex with an adult and the adult goes down for years-even when the teenage girl lies about her age!
    Multiple CHILDREN get molested and or raped by an adult, and the adult gets a slap on the wrist!

    Current score: 11
  • messed up

    she would be better off to follow in her husbands footsteps. she is a predator that will act again. How many of them do and the justice system just turns a blind eye? Its a wonder so many people are starting to home school. Its not safe to let your kids out of your sight or house.

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  • rowdy1

    I was told by a relative, that this has been going on for years. Before they were even married. Makes you wonder what went on in the Fischer family?

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    • common sense not so common

      You may wish to stop and think on that comment. Just because someone carries that name does not make them a party to what the people here have been convicted of.

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  • Huskerlover

    As I always said…. “Gut these pigs ”

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