LCDC Inmate and Girlfriend Jailed After Attempted Escape

A Lincoln County Detention Center inmate and his girlfriend are in jail following an attempted escape.

On Thursday, inmate worker Dylan Aufdengarten, 27, was sent to the North Platte Animal Shelter to assist with shelter duties.

At around 12:10 p.m., shelter staff received what the Sheriff’s Office is calling a bogus call regarding a vicious dog on the loose.  Several of the shelter employees responded to the call, leaving the shelter understaffed.

At this time, officials say Aufdengarten slipped out of the shelter and got into a vehicle driven by his girlfriend, 29-year-old Jennifer Harmon.

Shortly after the escape, employees from the shelter reported the matter to law enforcement.  A manhunt which involved the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, the North Platte Police Department and the Nebraska State Patrol ensued.

Authorities made contact with Harmon, who admitted that she had assisted in the escape.  Harmon advised law enforcement that she and Aufdengarten had gotten into an argument about three miles east of North Platte on State Farm Road and she had kicked him out of the vehicle.

Deputies located Aufdengarten around the 9000 block of East State Farm Road and placed him back in custody.

Aufdengarten was charged with Escape from Custody.

Harmon was charged with Aiding and Abetting escape.

Both face up to five years in prison and/or a $10,ooo fine.

Aufdengarten was serving a jail sentence for assaulting Harmon when he escaped.  He had about 30 days left on his sentence.


  • Dude

    Karma is a b*tch, Jen. LMFAO!!!! Love it!

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  • 133×5+1

    Wow…. smart girl… Knowing this justice system they’ll be out soon enough…. some women never learn…. what a shame….

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    • http://Internetexplorer Helping the escapee

      Well thank you for all your concern. And yes at least I’m big enough to admit when I’m
      Wrong. I can say that not all of what is out there is true and that I’ve been played just as much as others. I fear not my karma cause it will work out. It’s in gods hands just as I leave it.

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      • omg

        And people may be asked what would u do if it happen to u donu even know the real answer oh wait how about u all fins out what eeally happen before u say crap.u may say one thing but what would u really do. U dont know till a situation like thst happens. So yea thinknon that.

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  • OMG

    WOW there a little harsh. DO you even know what she has been thu? She is wiped over a person who does not need her and has made her do things she would never do before. She needs help to get away from this dude she says she is in love with. YES she did a very bad mistake and look she will have to pay the price now. I just hope she learns and moves on from this jerk head and gets her head back to where I knew her and how she use to be. People make mistakes and I believe they can learn from then and move on. The only way for her to do that is to believe in herself that she is better than this and can do it. she needs her real friends there and she needs to learn who where real friends are and needs to learn to stay away from the bad people and learn who they are.

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    • http://Internetexplorer Wyoming mom

      Thank you for your caring comment and yes you are right

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      • omg

        Ur welcome I know her and consider myself a good friend of hers I will be here if shemeeds anyone to talk to. I hope by this she knowa who this is. I stand behind her in whst she wants. I undderstand the love she had for him but after this I do not respet him sorry to saythst jen but for him to do what he did I hope he sees how kuch he has hurt u and how kuch u meam to ur friends and family u are a cery strong woman that can get thu this. U know u have to do so do it and there r people out there that know the real u amd who u r .

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  • Val

    Their light bulbs are obviously broke.

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  • Russel Simmons

    Whats crazy is no one noted the obvious – WTF didn’t he just stay in jail for about 30 more days, with good time it may have even been HALF that (not exactly sure how the system works entirely – i dont make a habit of going to jail LOL) from what I understand. Now facing longer, more serious time. What the hell was he thinking?

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  • who

    I just hope this doesn’t affect the jail/shelter work program. If I were locked up I would love the opportunity to go to the pound for part of my day.

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