Three Dead, Two Critical After Omaha Shooting Spree

omaha-police(AP) — Three people were killed and two others were critically injured in Omaha after a weekend shooting spree tied to one suspect.

Police chief Todd Schmaderer said Sunday that the unidentified suspect would have killed others if he hadn’t been fatally shot by an officer after a 30-minute rampage in south Omaha.

Police say 31-year-old Aaron Anderson was critically injured in the shooting. Authorities were then called to another location, where 46-year-old Angel Cabrera was critically injured.

Another man, 25-year-old Anthony Vazzano, was shot and killed a short time later. Police were then called to 33rd and E streets, where they found 25-year-old Pascual Bautista Raymundo on the ground in an alley. Raymundo died in an apparent shooting.

The suspect was killed after a gunfight with police.

  • booya

    Before anyone talks negative about this just remember you live in north platte… The only time you hear about shootings is events like this… There are always shootings here… Omaha people deal with if on a daily basis… At least the cops killed the shooter before anyone died… Omaha police have a hard time getting a suspect that shot or killed someone… Prayers go out to victims and family… Don’t need north platte people running their mouths… Your town is ghetto as hell… Drug central… I lived there and it was the worst place I ever lived

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    • Russ L Simpson

      Not trying to ‘run my mouth’ or anything of that nature, but just because something happens on a daily basis doesn’t mean that it should be considered normal or ok. Didn’t the article say 3 people died? Its good that the cops got him but, at least if I read article right, it was after he shot 5 people, killing 3. If North Platte is ‘Drug Central’, why are there not more shootings and this sort of incident here. If it happens “all the time” up there, what reasons is it happening for OTHER than drugs? I enjoy the peace, quiet, and lack of killings/shootings.

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  • http://windows7 Hsiato

    Probably one reason there are not more shootings in North Platte is they do not have restrictive gun laws like Omaha does. In North Platte, a person can legally carry a concealed gun without too much problem obtaining a permit. In Omaha, a very liberal town it is near impossible to obtain a permit to protect yourself. Besides North Platte doesn`t have as many non-whites as Omaha. That in itself is a major factor.

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  • messed up

    If you hated North Platte so much and it was the worst place that you lived than why are you still keeping tabs on the newspapers and commenting? You obviously still care enough to know what is going on.

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  • JamminJim

    nonwhites? Like offwhites or pastels? Thanks for making North Platte as ignorant as yourself!

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