Nebraskan Who Bragged About Bank Heist Gets 10 to 20 Years

Hanna Sabata

Hannah Sabata

(AP) — A Nebraska woman who made a video in which she gleefully described robbing a bank has been given 10 to 20 years in prison.

Twenty-year-old Hannah Sabata, of Stromsburg, was sentenced on Monday in York County District Court. In May she’d pleaded guilty to robbery after a charge of theft was dismissed. She’d been charged with stealing a car to use for the robbery on Nov. 27 at the Waco branch of Cornerstone Bank.

After the robbery, Sabata recorded a video in which she displayed cash and bragged about stealing a car and robbing a bank. She spoke of having the best day of her life.

She posted the video to the Internet site YouTube.

  • raven

    This story should be on worlds dumbest criminal.. this was dumb as hell

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  • who

    Is her one best day worth 5 years ( I figure the way they all get out early) of dull days to come?? Hope its one hell of a memory!

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