PETA Seeks Booth at NE State Fair

PETA(AP) — An animal rights organization is taking its campaign to the Nebraska State Fair, where exhibitors and fairgoers celebrate the state’s rich tradition in agriculture, livestock farming and ranching.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has applied for a booth at this year’s fair, which runs Aug. 23-Sept. 2 at the fairgrounds in Grand Island.

PETA campaign manager Katie Arth told the Lincoln Journal Star ( that the group’s trips to state fairs in Iowa and other states last year reflected a new strategy for trying to steer consumers away from meat and decrying what PETA members view as often deplorable exploitations of farm animals.

Nebraska fair executive director Joseph McDermott says PETA has a First Amendment right to come to the fair and spread its message.

  • Susan

    Time to wear my PETA shirt to the fair. People For The Eating of Tasty Animals.

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  • Not Again!

    Is PETA insane? Oh wait, I already know that answer.

    Current score: 9
  • wow…….

    Hahahahahaha this cracks me up. Its Nebraska. I would love to visit their booth while eating a steak with side of bacon!

    Current score: 8
  • christina

    Animals were invented for the dinner table. As much as I love puppies I’m still going to eat some tasty chops!

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  • c’mon man

    PETA is a little over the top. I believe they are fighting for the way animals get treated whether they will be food or not. If they will be food, they still deserve a humane existance and a quick painless death. Many don’t get that kind of treatment and that is UNFAIR.

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    • Susan

      Have you ever seen how cruel Mother Nature is?

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      • c’mon man

        We can’t control Mother Nature-Humans can control how they treat animals!

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