Nebraska Fuel Taxes to Increase In July

gas-card(AP) — Nebraskans will have to pay more taxes on every gallon of fuel sold in the state starting in July.

The state Revenue Department says the tax will increase to 26.3 cents per gallon in July from the current 24.6 cents.

The fuel tax generates money to fund highway projects and maintenance. Each cent of motor fuels tax generates about $12 million in revenue annually for the state.

The new rate will be in effect from July 1 to the end of the year, and then it will be reset in January.

  • meanoldwoman

    Thank you so much, how would I ever have lived with out one more flippin tax increase. I guess I wouldn’t mind it so much but the road here suck

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  • Dude

    Seems like the roads in Nebraska are always “under construction” but the roads are as $hitty as my a$$ after eating Taco Bell.

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  • Susan

    This gets reviewed every 6 months. When people conserve fuel, the state doesn’t collect the tax revenue on the fuel consumed so they have to raise the tax. They want us to use less fuel and we get punished in the end, literally.

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    • Susan

      I would love to know what it will reset to in January. Bet everything I own that it doesn’t go down.

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