Supreme Court Denies Nebraska Man’s Bid for Release from Prison

ne-supreme-court(AP) — The Nebraska Supreme Court has rejected a motion by a convict who argues that he should be released from prison because his trial attorney was practicing on a suspended law license.

Patrick Vanderpool was convicted in 2010 of attempted first-degree sexual assault and sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.

Vanderpool’s trial attorney was David Walocha, who was disbarred in March 2012 for working as a lawyer for nearly a decade without a valid license. Two months later, Walocha was sentenced to 30 days in jail for the offense.

When Vanderpool learned of Walocha’s suspension, he sought post-conviction relief, claiming ineffective counsel.

On Friday, the Nebraska Supreme Court found that Walocha’s suspension solely for nonpayment of dues did not equate to inadequate representation.