NP Bicyclist Struck by Vehicle on South Buffalo Bill Avenue

bicycle-accident-june-25A bicyclist was struck by a vehicle at the intersection of South Buffalo Bill and Eugene Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

Brittany McDaniel was riding her bicycle southbound on the South Buffalo bike  path.

According to witnesses, McDaniel was crossing the intersection, when a Honda Odyssey that was stopped at the stop sign started to move and struck McDaniel.

The driver of the van told investigators that she did not see McDaniel crossing the intersection.

McDaniel said that other than being shaken up, she did not sustain any serious injuries.  She was wearing a helmet.

The van sustained minor damage to its front end.

The identity of the van’s driver is unknown, and the accident is being investigated by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

The Post would like to remind drivers to be aware of bicyclists and pedestrians during the summer months.

  • Bubba

    Way to go soccer mom….now the speed limit will be 15.

    Current score: 11
  • The White Jesus

    nobody will follow the speed limit anyways, so what does it matter?

    Current score: 2
  • what?

    I don’t see anywhere that the van driver was speeding.

    Current score: 7
    • ItsASecret

      Great. Now stop signs will be illegal. Way to go, soccer mom.

      Current score: 0
  • wow…….

    It says that the driver was stopped and than started moving again. How does this have anything to do with the speed. Think that its just a case of not paying attention.

    Current score: 6
  • goam

    How did the van sustain damage from a stop and the rider is ok? That doesn’t even make sense. Driver’s pay attention!!

    Current score: 2
  • ShipStain

    Stupid NP Drivers.

    Current score: 3
    • Not Again!

      Don’t be too quick to criticize the drivers. I come from a city where bike riding is very common — I’m used to looking out for them. But, most of the bike riders around here are reckless and think they own the roads and sidewalks – many do not stop at stop signs, or stop lights and they think traffic rules don’t apply to them because they are not in a motorized vehicle. This is not the case with every bicycle rider by any means, but three times recently I have had to break traffic rules on my part because if I had not broken them, I would have struck a bicycle rider.

      Current score: 22
      • Jose Burrito

        I agree with not again. Bicyclists AND Pedestrians in this town are horrid. They dont look and dart around vehicles all the time. They think they own everywhere they walk/ride.Mix that with the NP absent minded drivers and you have a recipe for disaster. This will continue until ppl get educated and the worthless PD gets off their @sses and start enforcing ordinances and laws !

        Current score: 8
        • rider

          However, pedestrians and bike riders do have the right of way unless city ordinances have changed recently.

          Current score: 1
          • Not Again!

            However they do not have the right to break traffic laws if on a bicycle.

            Current score: 4
          • christina

            There are traffic “laws” for cyclists? cause I was riding my bike the other day and looked both ways on oak and leota by the hospital and it was clear so I didn’t stop at the stop sign and the cop patrolling that stop sign didn’t attempt a traffic stop on me. Hhmmm

            Current score: 0
  • logic

    To many people do not pay attention when driving in North Platte. It can be life changing if you hit a child because your speeding, texting, drunk, ect. It is summer time and kids are out alot right now, not to mention motorcycle riders, a little common sense goes along way when you drive….

    Current score: 6
  • The White Jesus

    Nobody said the driver was speeding.

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  • Exercise Enthusiast

    The driver was stopped and only looked left before making the move to turn right. She struck the cyclist with the front of her car. Please look both ways before turning at a stop sign. Supposedly the cyclist was dressed in very bright colors in an attempt to be seen better.

    Current score: 0
  • Western Copper

    I think they are refering to the tendency of cities to have a knee jerk reaction and change speed limits when a ped. or someone on a bike gets hit by a car. It happens a lot in many different cities…i dont see that happening here though. It happens more often when someone is seriously injured or killed.

    Current score: 2
  • christina

    I ride with my sons yellow buggie (bike tailor) with a big orange flag flying high and I’ve almost been hit 3 times in the last week. Mostly by middle aged men and one younger woman on her phone. Today I was riding through the mall parking lot and an older guy didn’t even yield at the STOP sign he ran and speed up right behind me with my son in his buggie. Some people just don’t care. But if it was YOUR family on a bike it would be a different story. My friend lost his Dad on a bike and the way the “laws” are (at least in np) that pedestrians including cyclists and motor cyclists pretty much do own the street. Sorry if it makes you mad but that’s something to take up with city hall.

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  • ok

    Christina can you drive n get me a pack of smokes?

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    • christina

      I will find out who you are!

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  • Ethanol man

    Two words……BIKE TRAIL…… It’s a wonder more of you idiots don’t get run over!

    Current score: 3
    • momto4

      The place she was hit was the bike trail ETHANOL MAN. People have zero respect for cyclists. This gal was training for a triathalon. Bright reflective colors on and following road rules

      Current score: 3
  • Russ L. Simpson

    Pedestrians ALWAYS have the ‘Right of Way’ whether they’re in the right or the wrong. Why? Maybe because even if a pedestrian is 110% in the wrong – i.e. J-walking or crossing when it states NOT to – if you hit them and do any real damage, YOUR the one that will go to jail and end up paying off all kinds of bills, fines, and lawsuits. Bottom line, your vehicle has brakes, mirrors, and lights – use them.

    Current score: 5
    • ha

      Also, blinkers! People need to figure out how to use their blinkers!

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