Omaha Police Officer Ordered to Testify in Excessive Force Case

omaha-police(AP) — An Omaha police officer has been ordered to answer prosecutors’ questions about the March arrests of three brothers that led to four officers being fired.

Douglas County District Judge Peter Bataillon ordered Officer Dyea L. Rowland to cooperate with prosecutors in the evidence-tampering case against fired Officer James Kinsella.

Prosecutors sought the order, fearing Rowland would refuse to testify based on her right against self-incrimination.

The case stems from the March 21 arrest of three brothers that was secretly recorded by a neighbor. The recording shows a man being punched by an officer while he was restrained.

Prosecutors say Kinsella illegally confiscated a cellphone memory card from the man’s brother, who also videotaped the arrest, and threw the card away.