Three NP Residents Charged with Stealing from Local Business

Three North Platte residents are facing charges after they allegedly stole merchandise from Shopko in North Platte.

On Friday, June 28, North Platte Police responded to a call from loss prevention employees at Shopko.  The employees reported that they had observed three individuals working together to conceal and steal merchandise from the store.

According to Police, the three suspects, Toni Allen, 26, Joseph Garringer, 33, and Brian Miller, 21, were eventually detained as they exited the store with the stolen merchandise.

Garringer and Allen were both arrested and charged with Theft by Shoplifting.  Miller was charged with Aiding and Abetting Shoplifting for his involvement.

Additionally, Police found less than a gram of methamphetamine on both Garringer and Allen following a search.  As a result, they were each also charged with Possession of Methamphetamine.




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